I believe that parenthood is like a bungee jump. It’s scary and fun, it makes you fly and often lets you down. This book isn’t so much a parenting guide as an exploration of the complex emotional journey of being a parent, reminding us of the courage and energy it requires as well as acknowledging that no parent is perfect and at the end of the day, this relationship is about connection

Amazon Editors’ Pick: Best Nonfiction

Beautifully captures the micro and macro
meanings of being a parent
The New York Times

Empathetic, thoughtful, full of wisdom and heart. Positive parenting will make the world a better place
Gal Gadot

While Israel is known for its unicorns and exciting startups, parenting innovation may be a first. Nathan’s innovative parenting model provides an action plan that includes clear directions as well as compassion

This book delivers scarce and important insight

It’s not your typical parenting book, and that’s why I love it
Book Riot

This book isn’t afraid to deal with the most disturbing parenting issues, but in a soothing, relaxing way
Makor Rishon

About Einat

Einat Nathan is a parenting expert, public speaker and bestselling author, certified by the Adler Institute and the Ministry of Education for Parental Instruction and Group Instruction. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Tel Aviv University.

In recent years she has begun to work the experience, insights and knowledge she’s accumulated into a significant breadth of work in the media, including TV morning talk shows and radio, a hit podcast and a popular columns on major newspapers and website.

Her debut book (“Haimsheli” in Hebrew), was the national bestseller of the year across all categories (2018) and is still a steady-seller. It has sold more than 75,000 copies so far.

The rights for the book had been acquired by U.S. publisher Hachette and it was published in North America under the name “My Everything”. So far, the book was also published in South Korea, Holland, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and soon to be published in Romania and China.

Einat’s second book “Mishelanu“, dedicated to relationships with teenagers, came out in Israel on March 2021 and is also a bestseller

Einat lives in Tel Aviv with her husband Yuval, and her five children Eyal, Yoav, Lihi, Rona, and Shira.

Literary representation by Aevitas Creative Management.

My Everything in Hebrew (חיימשלי, original version)

My Everything in Dutch (Empowering ouderschap)

My Everything in Russian (Смысл моей жизни)

My Everything in Korean (요즘 유대인의 단단 육아)

(Ti si moje sve) My Everything in Croation

(Olmak İstediğim Ebeveyn Büyütmek İstediğim Çocuk) My Everything in Turkish

(Visas mano gyvenimas) My Everything in Lithuanian

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